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    DMASS stands for Deutscher Maschinenbau Aktionskreis für Sicherheit & Service. Our members help you to ensure the safety of mobile lifters.

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  • Security

    Assure the readiness of your mobile platform 24 hrs / 7 days in a perfect standby state with the support of DMASS and tecsis.

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  • Plagiarism

    Suzhou LINK Automatic Instrumentation Co. Ltd. admitted to counterfeiting and was ordered to pay a fine of approx. 29,000 Euro. Production of the imitation pressure gauges was already ceased in 2010. 

    Forgers admit their guilt

  • Assuring quality

    Only well trained staff is reliable to use your lifters

    The service tecsis and DMASS offers you:

tecsis original imitation?

Do you suspect you may have purchased imitation, inferior products

We are readily available for DMASS customers and will check free of charge whether the goods you have purchased are tecsis original quality.

This will allow you to eliminate the risks posed by inferior product quality. Just give us a call!

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Important questions and answers for DMASS customers

Are you affected by imitation products? How can imitation products be detected? For your convenience, tecsis has compiled a list of important questions and answers, which can be found in this section.

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The plagiarism judgment

More information on the judgment

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Service for DMASS customers

Telephone: +86 21 28986343 

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